What are the benefits of Cocoa body butter? Cocoa body butter is good for moisture, Anti-aging. Great for eczema, dry skin. Highly recommended for stretch mark and scars.

What are the benefits of Mango body butter? Treats dry skin, soothes bug bites, fights off fine lines and wrinkles, Heal scars, sunburn soother and also good for eczema and psoriasis

What can I use the body butter on? You can use all body butter from head to toe.

Can I use the body butter in my hair? Yes you can use butter as a moisturizer for your hair.

What is the benefit of using natural soap? Natural soap is gentle on the skin because it isn't full of chemicals. It's great for all skin types. Conventional soap can be harsh on the skin and leave it dry and itchy.

Is the soap made with Lye? Yes 

Is Lye harmful to my skin? No. when the lye and the fat react they form glycerin which is good for your skin.

What are the base ingredients for the soap ? Palm oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Water and Lye.